57 – 1420 mm DIAMETERS

The pipe bending complexes are for cold bending of steel, straight-line-seam and seamless pipes, from 8 to 24 m length. The complexes can be used for cold bending of spiral-seam pipes as well.
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The pipe bending complex consists of pipe bender with additional bushing sets, mandrels for each pipe diameter and of support equipment. Complexes components can be changed by Customer, in accordance with pipe diameter, length and necessary of support equipments use.

Support equipment components are for: roller conveyer - for pipes laying and support when to pipe bender placing (for double-pipe sections, as a rule), anchor - support for rod with mandrel moving. Rod together with spacer is for double-pipe sections bending, length up to 24 m. By bend-ing pipe dia. changing, needed bushings are installed on a pipe bender and driven element is changed (the element is mandrel of corresponding Model).

Qualitative measures, when using mandrels as a part of pipe bending complexes, can be taken by maximal pipe's bend, according to GOST 24950-81 and SNIP III-42-80 (97); insulated and spiral-seam pipes bending is possible.
According to Customer's add. Purchase Order, the pipe bending complexes can be set up by special beds and bushings (for metric pipe as well as inch pipe) with functional surface polymer covering, which avoid possible damages of pipe insulation. Bend angles control by electronic pro-tractor.

The complex completes can be different.

Use the following type of pipe bender like basic model in pipe bending complexes:

  • Pipe bender GT532 – for pipe's dia. up to 530 mm (20");
  • Pipe bender GT1022 – for pipe's dia. from 508 to 1020 mm (20"-40");
  • Pipe bender GT1424 (or GT1422 with D1220 – 1420 mm (48" – 56")) – for pipe's dia. from 914 to 1420 mm (36"-56").
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