Today the "Kropotkin engineering plant" public corporation refreshes a produced equipments assortment, increases production volume, renews and extends machinery equipment every year. It allows mastering about 10 new types of equipments yearly.
A new plant was started to work in 1974 year. First production of new plant was a T-614 pipelayer on the basis of DT75 tractor, whish was produced in 1975. Then appeared PTK251 and PTK 252 pipe trucks, VAG202 anchor hydraulic revolvers, OML8AP, IL521, IL821,PO2,PIL2 pipes cleaning and insulating machines.
In 1979 the plant have started to make fundamentally new production type: BT361A "Tyumen" snow-and-marsh vehicle, OM321P combine for cleaning and insulation by film of 168-325 mm diameters pipes, OM151, IM151, IM271 bitumen cleaning and insulation machines.
Over a period of time from 1986 to 1995 years the plant produced 7-9 units of new machines every year. LS301 scraper winch, LP151 pull winch on a base of trailer cart, GT531 pipe bending machine had been produced already in 1986.

Learned a customer demand, from 1996 the plant have produced the GT531 and GT1021 pipe bending machines for steel pipes cold bending, cleaning and insulation combines for insulation pipes of 89-1220 mm diameters in the field conditions, OM151P, OM321PAD, OM523P, OM821PA, OM1221P, IM151, IN271, IM531, IM821 machines for pipelines antirust insulation by bitumen mastics, KSTG heating and hot-water boilers of 16, 25 and 50 kWt power, and also other type of equipments for construction and repair pipelines.

Kropotkin engineering plant was reorganized to public cor-poration of open type in 1994. Kropotkin engineering plant is strong plant and has steady financial status and sufficiently large volume of circulating assets. The plant orient mainly to concrete Customer in planning volumes, quality and nomenclature of produced equipments.

In 1998, Kropotkin engineering plant had no high months like most of the plants in Russia. Nevertheless, when most of the plants in Russia were ruined, nobody worked, and all equipments were ruined too, our plant was able to pay wage steady and to save specialists collective knowing and like their work.
In November of 1999 year, the plant was realized demonstra-tive tests of pipe bending complexes: GT1021 pipe bending machine – D721 mandrel - support equipment with participation representatives of Russia oil-and-gas sphere leading organizations. The test results proved real competitiveness complex with the best foreign models. Using the pipe bending complexes is question optimal decision of qualitative bends produced (curve inserts). In addition the complexes price is lower than price of foreign models.
The plant came thoroughly to learning purchase requirement of equipments for construction oil-and-gas pipelines and modernized some models of cleaning and insulation combines in 2000-2001 years. For example, by our Client requests were taken out of production the OM322P, OM523P with hydroficated transmission models. These combines secured speed infinitely adjust-able, more flexible adjustable of overcloak tape and surpass in some positions of mechanical combines. But the hydroficated combines could not work in Extreme North regions, because the oil in a transmission thickened strong during low temperatures. The operating organizations didn't ensure necessary technical conditions for machines work. But a general reason was low quality level of machines hydraulic system utility. In addition a skill level of exploitation operator was very low in the hydraulic sphere. The mechanics was more understandable. These combine types were replaced by OM321PM and OM523PM, which had full mechanical transmission and more modern construction. All Customer desires were considered in the process of the combine additional works.
In 2001 Kropotkin engineering plant replaced the OM151P combines for cleaning and insulation pipe of 89-151 mm diameters by the OM151PAD combine which has diesel engine of more power instead of petrol engine, reasoning from rationality considerations and operation in a trass conditions. In addition the TMZ-4503 has a starter that allows avoiding engine starting using a handle.

The plant had started to produce LP152 pull winches with tractive to 300 tons and com-plexes for pipes cold bending of 1220 – 1420 mm diameters on the base of GT1424 pipe bending machine in 2001.

The UGB-17 horizontal boring machine was produced successfully instead of UGB-5 morally obsolete and taking out of production machine in 2002.
In 2003 the plant produced soft towels of PM types from highquality foreign synthetic materials (polyester), which lighter, more solid, less rigid, more ecological and useful for work, than a rubberfabric clothes. In 2004 the GT531 and GT1021 pipe bending machine of previous generation were taking out of production.
3, 3td Ptomyshlenny proezd, Kropotkin city, Krasnodar territory, Russia, 352387 (postal code)