This pipe bending machine provides for cold bending of pipes O 57- 219 mm in field or in basic condi-tions.
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Bending of pipe is made by means of "straight pression" in horizontal plane. Bending is made hydraulic system by moving out the bending gage along a centre between two free rotate stop blocks. The machine has a hydroelectric drive. Moving of elbow is made by hands, if there is not great mass, or by auxiliary hoisting machines.

The pipe bending machine can install in inside areas as well as in esplanades.

It is possible, Z-section elbows and elbows with bending in different planes are made with the machine. Max. corner of bend - 180°. Min. radius of bend - 7 of external dia. of bending pipe. Max. strength on bending gage – 350 kN (35 tons). Max. stroke of gage – 450 mm (11430"). Over-all dimensions in installed location - 1620x2800x580 mm. The machine mass – 600 kg. Installed capacity – 4 kWt, 50 Hz, 380 V.
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